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  • Subject [STEPI Hosted the Young Innovators Talk]
  • Name STEPI ERT
  • Date 2015.10.23 17:16
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On Tuesday, August 4, the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI, President Jong-guk Song) hosted the 'Young Innovators Talk' under the title of  ‘Medical Revolution with Image Deep Learning Technology.’ This event was held at Grand Conference Room 1 of Sejong National Research Complex starting at 2:00 pm. 


In this event, Seung-uk Baek, CEO of cldi shared stories related to the beginnings of cldi, the development of image deep learning technology, and the expected applications of the original technology in the medical industries. 


Unlike other startups that focus on physical products or services, cldi is a successful technology-based startup that pursues the added values and potentials of image deep learning technology. Recognizing cldi's technology, in June 2014, K Cube Ventures, an investment company for startups, invested 100 million won in June 2014, while the Small and Medium Business Administration selected this company for Tech Incubator Programs (TIPS). As of  now, this company is preparing a medical image business utilizing image deep learning technology. 


STEPI expects that this event will provide balanced insights for startups in Korea, which have been leaning towards  platform-based services, and insights regarding policies to promote technology-based startups.


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