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  • Subject [Young Innovators Talk : " The Deep-tech Startup Leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution"]
  • Name STEPI ERT
  • Date 2017.03.06 16:30
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  The first event for 2017, it will be hosted by STEPI and organized by the Entrepreneurship & SME Research Center.  Those invited to speak are Wae-jin Park, CEO of Affective Computing in Real Life (Acryl); Jae-hyun Nam, Chief Strategy Officer Looxid Labs; and Hee-chul Hwang, Director of Bluepoint Partners.  Topics cover research performances in areas of deep technology (Deep-Tech), such as the role of artificial intelligence (AI) as a driver of the fourth industrial revolution; the Internet of Things (IoT); virtual reality (VR); and robotics.

   The speakers share what they have experienced, the challenges that they have faced and resolved, in the process of commercializing their research.  Following this, in a discussion panel to be chaired by Jung-woo Lee, Associate Research Fellow of STEPI, they exchange views regarding how best to establish technological startups considered to be most suitable for the fourth industrial revolution, as well as current government startup support policies.

  CEO Wae-jin Park launched Acryl in 2011, which utilizes AI systems whose design base incorporates big data and emotional analytics.  Services and products provided include emotional intelligence engines, Jonathan; the social media emotional analytics application, MoMView; the emotional-based contents curation technology, QVIC; and emotional analytics of self-introduction essays, Wise Letter.  They are currently planning the imminent market release of Mental Care, an online to offline service providing mental health checkups based on personal records.  Acryl received investment by Medici Investment in 2016.

  Chief Strategy Officer Jae-hyun Nam joined Looxid Labs in 2016. The company has developed a revolutionary eye-brain interface which utilizes VR headsets. Another of their products is “By Lucy”, a smart wearable eye tracking messenger tool for quadriplegia patients. Looxid Labs was included in Gadget 360’s list of “10 Cool Startup Ideas” exhibited at CES 2016. The company secured pre-seed investment from the KITE Entrepreneurship Foundation, Bluepoint Partners, and KAIST Venture Investment Holdings. They also obtained investment from Future Play in 2015.

  Director Hee-chul Hwang joined Bluepoint Partners in 2016. The company’s services include matching investors with funding stages and market demand with core technologies.  He is currently supervising the execution of startup investment in VR and Augmented Reality. Director Hwang was the grand prize winner at the Venture-Startup Festival 2003, for his company Microaerobot Co., Ltd. which he launched in the same year.  Following its acquisition by the Hanwha Group, he served for a time as their Head of Development and Planning Divisions.  


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